by C. Franklin Truan

Meta-Values is a philosophical introduction journey in to the psychology of constructive beliefs and values. This book explores the origin, structure and content of our beliefs and the resulting values as well as examining their effect on our mental health and the experience of psychological quality.

Although it’s true that culture has a profound impact on the formative development of a our beliefs and values and will continue to impact us, it is possible now more than ever before in our history, to conceive, develop and put a universal set of ethical norms as principles in to place, which are based on beliefs and values that enhance the psychological development as well as the well-being of the individual and are formatted universally in application for all mankind.

Meta-Values covers:

  • The psychology of belief and benefits formation and change
  • A look at selected historical and contemporary values
  • A look at the record and role of the helping professions in shaping constructive beliefs and values
  • Values as principles for creating and maintaining mental health and psychological quality
  • The introduction of 3 core Meta-Values as the basis of all beneficial human values
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