The Purpose of Psychology…

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The Purpose of Psychology…

The purpose of Psychology, a human science, is to pursue, identify, and report objective, rational and beneficial truth about the nature and needs of man.  Its further purpose is to provide education: awareness, understanding, and guidance to further man’s experience of psychological functioning, and personal fulfillment—the experience of Psychological Quality.

I am a Clinical Psychologist that believes in teaching people how to take responsible control of their psychological and interpersonal lives.  My goal is to provide common sense psychological education and to promote specific avenues for achieving personal growth and fulfillment.  The treatment of existing psychological/emotional problems is of course necessary, but my main focus is preventive education and teaching people how to solve their own problems.  Instead of giving each hungry person a fish, I believe in teaching people how to fish.  

People see and hear a lot about pathology, mental illness, emotional problems, and interpersonal deficits.  They are led to believe by the professional helping community that prescription drugs will solve these problems.  However, their experience and common sense eventually tell them that drugs, both legal and illegal do not solve problems, but can often cause new ones.  If effective at all, drugs, such as those for anxiety and depression, only temporarily lesson symptoms while the real cause remains unknown and unsolved.  If the real problem is not identified and solved, it will only compound over time. 

People also want to know what elements or characteristics make a person mentally healthy.  They want to know how they compare to its principles.  People also want solutions to their mental, emotional and interpersonal problems.  My website is devoted to identifying and responding to real issues and providing real solutions.  It’s devoted to identifying, achieving and maintaining Psychological Quality.

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