C. Franklin Truan, PhD

Dr. C. Franklin Truan is a clinical psychologist who has been a practitioner in the field of mental health for fifty years. He has been in private practice as a Psychologist for thirty-five years, taught at several universities, authored articles in clinical psychology and interpersonal relations, and has consulted with numerous public and private sector organizations.

Dr. Truan maintains that, in the end, the best solution to mental illness is preventive education coupled with social change. On an individual level, healthful psychological development and the experience of quality, as life unfolds, requires a nurturing early life environment, education in psychology, and a life-long commitment to psychological growth. 

Dr. C. Franklin Truan has written two books, Meta-Values: Universal Principles for a Sane World  and My enemy Myself: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Mind.

Dr. Truan is currently writing his third book: The Psychology of Mental Health: The Quest for Psychological Quality.  This book will continue his efforts to identify the nature and elements of mental health that are universal to all, regardless of culture.