Who should read My Enemy—Myself?

Life is a gift and it is up to each of us to learn how to benefit from all it offers.  We all need to keep learning and growing in order to successfully meet the challenges that life presents and to experience all of the joy and fulfillment that is within one’s grasp. 

My Enemy–Myself was written for those who are not satisfied with their lives in general and with themselves in particular. Its message is not just for those in immediate emotional crisis but also for anyone that wants more emotional and interpersonal achievement and fulfillment in their lives.

For better or worse, the beliefs you hold about yourself, determine how you perceive everything in life. You are the creator of those beliefs and are responsible for their quality.  My Enemy–Myself helps you examine the quality of your beliefs.  It is also a self-help guide for changing the beliefs that limit your growth as an individual and your experience of life. It is a practical step by step guide to the experience of psychological quality.

People with thinking deficiencies and negative beliefs about themselves want to experience psychological quality but their faulty thinking makes it impossible.  Their own minds work against achieving what they need and desire most. They unknowingly become their own enemies. Consequently, their lives are filled with discouragement, failure, disillusionment, and in many cases, self-destructive thinking and behavior.  People with negative beliefs about themselves live in a world of isolation from their real selves and from the outside world.  They do not trust others because they cannot trust themselves.

If you do not trust yourself or anyone else, it is because you do not trust your own mind. Your internal experience of yourself is one of self-doubt and confusion. Some symptoms of your inner realtiy include:

Not trusting your own judgment about yourself and others,

Having trouble making decisions,

Knowing that your beliefs are contradictory,

Letting your feelings dominate and direct your thinking,

Not being sure of what you believe or changing what you believe often.

To get the most out of life you must have faith in your mind to guide your experience.  Your mind’s major function is to make constructive sense of the world and of your own experience with yourself. To build and maintain faith in your mind, it must be able to identify real and beneficial truth.  Your mind’s ability to identify what is really true makes it possible for you to have confidence in it.  Trust in your mind’s ability to know truth is the basis of being able to trust yourself. Only when you have established trust in yourself are you able to establish and maintain trust in others.

It is possible to change yourself and your life for the better. It is your choice and your responsibility to shape the quality of your presence and future. This book has been written as a guide for those who want help in making their lives psychologically healthier, happier, and more fulfilling.