9781627870481-198x300My Enemy My Self: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Mind

by C. Franklin Truan

Do you?

  • feel depressed about your life?
  • use alcohol or drugs to escape?
  • hide your true self from others?

If you’ve picked up this book, chances are you’re not satisfied with the way you’re living your life. You aren’t happy even if you’ve fooled everyone else into believing you are. Whatever your troubles, the root cause is the same: you don’t like yourself.

When your deepest beliefs about yourself are negative, a fulfilling life is impossible. My Enemy, Myself: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Mind explores why you have a poor self-concept and how it sabotages your attempts at a joyful existence. Presenting common-sense solutions to the problems that plague self-destructive individuals, Dr. C. Franklin Truan teaches you how to gain control over your emotions, use your mind to separate fact from fiction, and build a mature, positive self.

The life you want is within your reach. Are you ready to take the first step?

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1587363143-182x300Meta-Values: Universal Principles for a Sane World

by C. Franklin Truan

Meta-Values is a philosophical introduction to the psychology of constructive beliefs and values. It explores the origin, structure and content of man’s beliefs and resulting values and examines them for their effect on mental health and the experience of psychological quality.

Although it is true that culture has a profound effect on the formative development of a citizen’s beliefs and values and will continue to do so, it is possible now more than ever before in man’s history, to conceive, develop, and institute a universal set of ethical norms as principles which are based on beliefs and values that enhance the psychological development and well-being of the individual and are universal in application to all mankind.

Meta-Values covers:

  • The psychology of belief and value formation and change
  • A critique of selected historical and contemporary values
  • A critique of the record and role of the helping professions in shaping constructive beliefs and values
  • Values as principles for developing and maintaining mental health and psychological quality
  • The introduction of three fundamental Meta-Values as the basis of all beneficial human values
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